Sesame oil has been widely used for cooking especially in Asian dishes because of its rich flavor, but it is also a fact that it has a wide variety of health benefits to offer. Proper application of sesame oil provides nutrients for your body.

Sesame oil comes from the Sesamum indicum plant. The oil is extracted from the plant's seeds. Sesame oil contains essential fatty acids that work to protect your skin. These fatty acids include linoleic, palmitic, stearic and oleic acids and they work as emollients that moisturize and protect the skin's natural barrier.

There are various skin care products that add sesame oil to their formulation because it is responsible for a number of benefits on the skin. This oil is also found on various hair products because of the same reason. Here are 7 benefits of sesame oil for your hair and skin.

- Promotes Hair Growth: Massaging your scalp with sesame oil improves circulation and as a result, hair growth is promoted. Because of the oil's high penetrating power, your hair's natural state will be regained through time and continued use, even if your hair has been severely damaged by chemicals.

- Protects Hair and Skin from Sun Damage: Sesame oil has a natural sunscreen component. Applying sesame oil on your skin and scalp prevents sun damage caused by its harmful ultraviolet rays. It forms a protective layer around your hair and skin and creates a barrier to protect you against sun damage.

- Revitalizes Dull and Damaged Hair: Sesame oil saves your hair from damage. It has the ability to moisturize and soften the strands of frizzy, dry and unmanageable hair.

- Combats Stress-related Hair Loss: One of the major causes of hair loss is stress. Due to its cooling effect, sesame oil helps relieve your stress through scalp massage.

- Minimizes or Eliminates Skin Blemishes: This oil has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are helpful in clearing up existing problems such as pimples and preventing whiteheads and blackheads. Use it to fight blemishes by applying sesame oil to your problem areas.

- Cleanses Your Skin Effectively: Cleansing oils have been very popular recently. Use sesame oil as your cleanser of choice as it can remove toxins from the surface of your skin. Massaging your face with this oil removes dirt and other irritants on your skin without the drying effects of soap.

- Keeps Skin Soft and Healthy: Because of the fatty acids found in sesame oil, using it everyday will protect your skin from dryness -- one of the main causes of premature wrinkles and fine lines. It also contains sesamol and antioxidants that fight against harmful free radicals -- also one of the causes of premature aging.