It’s April 15th. A day where many of us living in the US can breathe a sign of relief – it’s Tax Day. Most of us have spent the last week scrambling to get together important documents and meet with our CPAs or sitting through a few hours reading the directions on online sites like TurboTax. With the stressfulness of tax season, the body hormone levels change and the skin breaks out. However, now that the stress of filing 2013 taxes is over, it’s time to do damage repair.

Treat yourself to cup of hot tea with a DIY acne-relieving face mask. 

DIY Acne Stress Mask

After you’ve had a R&R, make sure you get out and take advantage of all the Tax Day freebies and discounts! Arby’s is giving away a free snack sized curly fries, Office Depot is shredding 5 pounds of paper for free – these are just a few of the deals going on today. Here’s a list of more deals you can get in on today!