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Private Label

Rozgé Private Label ProductsThere are many things to consider before starting a private label line. First thing to consider is your volume. Generally if you are moving less than a thousand units of a particular product per year it may not be for you. Although we private label as little as 48 pieces at a time, due to the cost of label printing, you may decide that it is not cost effective.

You have several options when it comes to private label:

  • We can design and print labels for you.
  • You can send us your own labels.
  • We can send you blank product and you label it yourself.

This service allows you to create and manage a line of products under your private label without the initial high investment. You can pick from a line of over 30 products to test a market or start a business at a more affordable level.

Products are packaged as seen on our site. Any deviation from the original packaging will change the price and processing time. If you require special packaging, please contact our office for details and pricing.

Our designers can work with you to design and print a label for your line.

This is a great opportunity to have access to a line of products without committing to mass production.

Label Design

Rozgé art department is available to our customers to handle label and packaging design. The fee is $350.00 per label or box.

A product that includes a box, will require two designs, one for the container and one for the outer packaging. Our art department will provide you with 5 design options to start. You can make modifications to the design three times. Only after the artwork has been approved by you, will we proceed to print the labels and schedule your job for manufacturing.

Bulk Products

Rozgé can supply all its products in bulk. Please note that due to some ingredients volatility, it is recommended that Rozgé package the product.

Private Label Ceramide-CPackaging

Rozgé works with many packaging vendors. It is recommended that you send us a sample of the container you would like to use and we will try to match that for you. Keep in mind that many vendors have minimum order requirements for special packaging.

Customer Supplied Containers

Customers may provide their own container, however a sample must be submitted prior to making a commitment to ensure suitability. All packaging material must be approved by Rozgé before acceptance of an order. It is recommended that a double walled plastic container or glass container be used for all creams and scrubs.

Custom Formulations

We can custom create a formula for your next project or improve upon an existing product.

Rozgé is capable of manufacturing:

  • Creams
  • Gels
  • Liquids
  • Tablets/Capsules
  • Powders

You may use our stock formulas or we will custom formulate a product for you. An R&D fee of $500 is charged for a sample to be made. This fee allows us to purchase the necessary ingredients to formulate and test your product.

Custom formulations require a minimum order. All products can be supplied in our stock containers or you can provide your own. If you prefer, we can ship most products in bulk to be filled by customer.